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2020 NSW Formula Vee Championship set to kick off

The 2020 NSW Formula Vee Championship is set to kick off following suspension due to COVID-19. Competitors are eager to get back onto the track and the 2020 championship will be contested across four rounds commencing with a two day race meeting at Wakefield Park on 11-12 July. Formula Vee NSW was originally scheduled to commence the championship series in late April however when lock down restrictions commenced on 23 March the series was put on hold with uncertainty around i

Flags in Motorsport and what they mean...

No doubt when you have been watching the V8 Supercars or Formula One you have observed track marshals waiving different colored flags at drivers from time to time. Flags are used in all motor sport to communicate messages to drivers as they make their way around the circuit. Depending on what flag is displayed will result in drivers taking action from slowing down, to returning to the pits, to recommencing racing – this is all communicated by marshals using flags. So, what do

Track Review: Luddenham Raceway

Luddenham Raceway is the newest racetrack in NSW after it was officially opened in November 2018. Located halfway between Penrith and Oran Park, Luddenham is easily accessible with the drive from the city taking about 45 minutes. Luddenham Raceway is a family run business and started out as a concept. The track is built on a 100-acre family owned olive farm with industrial use zoning. The track itself is 1.3km long and consists of 7 corners, many of them tight and technical a

What does if cost to race a Formula Vee?

Most people automatically think that motor sport and car racing is beyond their reach so we thought we would go through a comprehensive list of the expenses if you want to get more involved and buy a Formula Vee. We will go through each of the costs in an itemized way and provide three outcomes… Buying a Formula Vee to use as a track car only, Additional requirements to enter events such as regularity (timed events) and hill climb, Additional requirements to enter races. Gett

Things to consider when buying a Formula Vee

Before you buy a Formula Vee (or any race car for that matter), you first need to ask yourself what type of driving do you want to do? People buy Formula Vee's for many different reasons, you may just want to drive in track days where you pay a fee to use a track and you drive to your own ability without racing, you may want to compete in speed events but not race like regularity (regular clocked lap times) or hill climb or you may want to race, two options being historic car

Live Your Dreams...

After getting behind the wheel of V8 race cars and Formula Fords at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Lister Bros - Ben & Paul, decided to take the plunge and live their dream of owning and racing their own car. In November 2019 the Lister Bros purchased a Formula Vee open wheel race car and they were on the track within weeks. After a number of track days and a regularity event the Lister Bros were ready to enter the 2020 NSW Formula Vee State Championship... the rest will be history

What is Formula Vee Racing?

Formula Vee racing provides the thrill of fiercely competitive motor racing at an entry level. Engines and parts are restricted to specific Volkswagon components so that greater emphasis is on driver skill rather than budget. As a result, the class is the first proving ground in motor racing and has always been a stepping stone to higher levels of motor sport. Formula Vee is controlled by the Formula Vee Association of Australia (FVAA). Without any support from the motor spor

Aussie racing legend, John Bowe, recalls racing Formula Vee's

This is my first race car. The signage on it was my dad's little car yard in Devonport. My first sponsor!! My second sponsor was the Dunlop tyre service in Devonport who gave me a set of Formula Vee Dunlop racing tires that were the tyre to have at the time! It's an Elfin Formula Vee that my dad and I purchased from the late Lyn Archer who at the time was one of Tasmania's leading open wheel drivers in an Elfin Catalina. From memory he was the Tasmanian agent for Elfin Racing

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