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Lister Bros add Champion Historic Rennmax to Garage

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Lister Bros Racing are excited about their new arrival, a 1965 Rennmax Mk1 1200cc Formula Vee, having recently purchased the vehicle following a full ground up restoration.

The Rennmax name is synonymous with championship winning race cars in Australia and the Mk1 Formula Vee is no exception having won multiple state and national titles in the hands of some of the best Formula Vee drivers in Australia.

Built in 1965 and being first owned and raced by Bob Young, the Rennmax Mk1 now owned by LBR, went on to be driven by well renowned and accomplished drivers including Damon Beck (NSW Champion 1972), Alan Tucker, BrianSutton/Denis Riley (NSW Champion 1973), Richard Bailey (National Champion 1975), Doug Grant and Warren Henry.

During its racing years the Rennmax Mk1, at the hands of these drivers, was the car to beat where it held track records and secured state and national championships. The car has been meticulously restored by former owner and NSW Champion (1973) Denis Riley, with the assistance of several people but in particular John Fabiszewski and Paul Fenech. With the restoration taking several years, #7 made its debut back at the race track in February 2020 at the 55th anniversary of Formula Vee in Australia held at Wakefield Park where it again finished on the podium in the regularity event under the stewardship of Paul Fenech.

Having been restored to the cars original livery of British racing green with a yellow stripe, reminiscent of the classic Lotus colours, the car is flawless in its presentation. Throughout its racing career the Mk1 also carried the blue and black livery of Damon Beck and the classic red and white livery under the ownership of Denis Riley and Richard Bailey.

The car was last raced competitively in 1977 before it was involved in an accident and subsequently garaged for the next two and a half decades before the restoration commenced in 2006.

LBR is proud to be able to carry this legacy forward and we are committed to seeing the car back on the track at track days, historic race meetings and Golden Era of Racing (GEAR) club meetings so others can recall the legacy of the car, past drivers and what they achieved.

“This car carry’s so much important history and is so well presented it wouldn’t be fair for it to sit in a garage somewhere and not be used.”

“We are committed to seeing this car back on the track as often as possible so others can enjoy it and share their stories of competing against this classic racer.” said Paul Lister.

“We would also like to include those that have owned or raced the car in the past to be part of future activities if and when they are available – it’s all about preserving the history and sharing it with future generations.” finished Paul.

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